Academic Advising

Need information on departmental requirements, graduate school, or career counseling? Make an appointment for academic advising with one of our following academic advisors!

Carelli, Regina
Stephen B. Baxter Distinguished Professor | Co-Associate Chair
115 Davie Hall | (919) 962-8775
Available: By Appointment
For guidance on graduate school or career counseling related to neuroscience.

Chanon, Vicki
Teaching Assistant Professor
236 Davie Hall | (919) 962-5081
Available: By Appointment

Griffin, Desiree
Teaching Assistant Professor | Director of Undergraduate Advising
232 Davie Hall | (919) 445-0140
Available: By Appointment

Loeb, Jeannie
Teaching Professor | Director of Undergraduate Studies
235 Davie Hall | (919) 843-7753
Available: By Appointment

Reuman, Lillian
Graduate Student
263 Davie Hall
Available: By Appointment