Department Colloquia

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Fall 2013

Craft & Dykstra - Distinguished AlumnaOn October 30th, Dr. Rebecca Craft returned to the Psychology Department to be honored with this year’s Distinguished Alumna Award and to give her lecture to faculty, students, and staff on “Sex Differences in Sensitivity to Cannabinoid Drugs.”  

Dr. Craft earned her doctoral degree in Experimental and Biological Psychology (now Behavioral Neuroscience) from UNC-CH in 1991. She currently serves as a Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology at Washington State University. Her broad research areas focus on psychopharmacology, drug abuse and dependence, sex differences in drug effects, and hormonal modulation of pain, analgesia, and mood. She is currently focusing on sex differences in the effects of psychoactive drugs, primarily opioids and cannabinoids. 

The department would like to extend a sincere thanks to Dr. Craft for her scientific contributions to the field over the years by honoring her with this award.

Pictured:  On the left is Dr. Rebecca Craft receiving her award from Professor Linda Dykstra of the Behavioral Neuroscience Program. 

Fall 2012


This year’s Distinguished Alumnus Award was presented by the Colloquium Committee to Dr. Douglas Snyder.  Dr. Snyder was honored with the award on November 13th which was followed by his lecture entitled, “Impact of Combat Deployment on Emotional, Behavioral, & Relationship Health:  A Longitudinal Study of Air Force Personnel Deployed to Iraq.”  Faculty, students, and staff were all invited to the event and had the opportunity to personally speak with Dr. Snyder.

Dr. Snyder earned his doctoral degree from the clinical graduate program at UNC-Chapel Hill in 1978.  He currently serves as a Professor and the Director of Clinical Training in the Department of Psychology at Texas A & M University.  Dr. Snyder’s specific clinical and research interests focus on treating difficult couples with emotional, behavioral, and health problems that complicate relationship distress.

The Department of Psychology at UNC-Chapel Hill would like to thank and honor Dr. Snyder for his contributions over the years to the field of clinical psychology by presenting him with this award.