Department Research Policies

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Procedures for Submitting Grants, Fellowships, Subcontracts, and Progress Reports

As soon as PI plans to submit a grant, fellowship, subcontract, or progress report, please contact the Department’s Grants Management Officer, but no later than 1 month before the due date.  If a student is the PI, he/she must have approval from their faculty advisor.  Please follow the procedures below.

A. When contacting the Grants Management Officer, please provide the following information:

  1. Agency (sponsor);
  2. Due date of grant;
  3. Program announcement or guidelines; webpage is fine.
  4. If student, please let her know the faculty advisor too.

B. After the Grants Management Officer has an opportunity to review the program announcement or guidelines, the PI will be contacted establishing the departmental deadlines for meeting the agency’s and university’s deadlines.  The Grants Management Officer will also send you a “Proposal Information and Budget Planner”. The “Proposal Information and Budget Planner” requests all of the information needed to begin the budget planning process for the proposal and should be completed as soon as possible. The information requested includes:

  1. Number of years requested in the grant.
  2. The PI and investigators on the grant whether they are receiving compensation or not and percent efforts.  The Grants Management Officer will contact UNC Department for investigators salaries.  A list of other types of personnel required by the grant, for example, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research assistants, consultants, etc.
  3. Equipment (over $5,000), if any.  Please describe in detail and provide an estimate from the supplier if available.
  4. Subcontractor.  If subcontractor, we need their budget.   We will also need signed paperwork 3 weeks prior to grant submission so their numbers can be worked into the UNC budget.   See item C.10 below for requirements.
  5. Supplies; please be as detailed as possible.
  6. Travel costs; describe trips to be taken.
  7. Participant costs; describe number of participants and payment requested for each.
  8. Animal Cost; animals, plus per diem.

C. Office of Sponsored Research policy now requires all final proposals to be received by OSR no later than 1 week in advance of the agency’s due date.  Failure to meet that deadline could result in your proposal not being submitted (see relevant policy).

Due to the changes at the Office of Sponsored Research, final proposal pieces are due to the Department of Psychology’s Grants Management Officer 2 weeks in advance of the agency’s due date. The Grants Management Officer will then load components of the grant into the appropriate application forms and return the forms to the PI within 2 business days allowing 2 business days for final review by the PI and 1 business day for changes/edits. 

Additional time may be granted by the Grants Management Officer with advance notice depending on work load. PIs should be aware that if they get the final documents to the Grants Management Officer too close to the OSR deadline, they may not be given a final review.

Please send all documents to the Grants Management Officer in Word format for conversion into .pdf (the applications are notoriously finicky and only allow for certain conversion programs to be used and sometimes only certain versions of those conversion programs.) All finalized pieces of the proposal are due at that time and include:

  1. Cover Page that includes a Title and Dates of grant.
  2. Abstract (program description on an NIH grant).
  3. IRB or IACUC if approved at time of application.  If not, indication of which will be applied for.
  4. Budget justification
  5. Resource/Facilities page (depending on sponsor).
  6. Equipment already available to the grant (depending on sponsor).
  7. NIH biosketch or CV (depending on sponsor). All Key Personnel need an NIH biosketch.
  8. Other Support documentation (depending on Sponsor).
  9. Letters of Support from subcontractors or consultants on project.
  10. Subcontractor paperwork that includes:
    Letter of Intent
    Budget justification
    Scope of Work
  11. Specific Aims and Research Strategy
  12. There may be other items depending on the Sponsor and program guidelines.

D. Once the Grants Management Officer receives the finalized proposal pieces, the following will occur:

  1. The individual proposal pieces will be uploaded into Cayuse (UNC’s new proposal submission software). This step generally takes a full day.
  2. The uploaded proposal is either printed for the PI or sent to them in .pdf format for final review.
  3. The PI returns any edits and changes to the Grants Management Officer who will make the changes and upload all changes into the application. (These first three steps usually take 2-3 days to complete.)
  4. It is the PIs responsibility to thoroughly review the application for accuracy, errors and omissions. Mistakes can happen at all stages of the grant preparation process.  Please understand that the Grants Management Officer is always working on multiple submissions at the same time.
  5. The Grants Management Officer will create an Internal Processing form (eIPF) and send documents through departmental review and to OSR in paper form or electronically. It is best to allow as much time as possible for departmental review of the eIPF if there are investigators from multiple departments within the university. Departmental review of the eIPF and proposal needs to be completed before the deadline to get materials to OSR.

Additionally, if the PI would like to be more involved with the submission process, please see the Grants Management Officer for instructions. 

Exceptions: In general, exceptions to contacting the Grants Management Officer 1 month before the deadline will not be made. Requests for exceptions must be approved by the Director of Research Services (Martha Cox). 

If you fail to meet the deadline: If you fail to meet the 1 month deadline, the Grants Management Officer will assist with items related to the grant’s budget, time permitting. The PI will be responsible for all other aspects of the grant submission. Please see the Grants Management Officer for instructions.