Frequently Asked Questions

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If I’m accepted into the Gil Internship program, will I be able to choose my internship site?

Not exactly. Interns must list their top three Psychology sub-fields and why they are interested in an internship within that field. Once the applicant is chosen to be a Gil Intern, the Gil program will match the student with an appropriate site using the student’s preferences, any relevant work experience and overall motivations.

Can I choose which sub-field of Psychology my internship is in?

Yes. Students are required to list their top three sub-fields and can choose any of the ones offered by UNC’s Psychology Department. They are: Behavioral-Neuroscience, Clinical, Cognitive, Developmental, Social and Quantitative, and more information on each one can be found on the Department of Psychology’s website.

Who sets the schedule and working hours at my site?

Your weekly schedule is set by the intern and the intern’s direct supervisor at the worksite. The Gil Internship program understands that all students’ schedules will vary; but all interns must work 9 hours per week at the worksite.

If, at the end of the semester, both I, and my site would like to continue our partnership together, is that allowed?

Yes. One of the purposes of the Gil Internship is to provide students with valuable and transferable work experience and connections to professionals in the area. Therefore, you are encouraged to continue to build any relationships that come out of being a Gil Intern.

Is it possible to be enrolled in the Gil Internship and the Psychology Honors program at the same time?

The ability to successfully participate in both programs is dependent on how organized and motivated the student is. It is definitely possible, but both the Honors program and the Gil Internship program require a sizeable amount of work and dedication.

Will the class portion of the internship be Pass/Fail or graded? Will my performance at my site have any bearing on my grade?

No. This is a graded (A-F) class and is worth 3-course credits toward both General Graduation requirements and your Psychology major. As such, it will take into account the work completed at your internship site, feedback from your direct supervisor and any in-class assignments.

May I choose my own site independently, or do I have to use one of the Gil Internship’s sites?

The Gil Internship program is designed so that students are offered top-tier intern sites, which means that sites are chosen and approved by Gil Internship staff. Just as we want the best and most worthy interns, we also want the best and most rewarding sites.

What happens if I want to work as an intern in a combination of two (or more) Psychology sub-fields?

While most of our interns will be placed within a specific sub-field, there may also be exceptions. Much of the work done at internship sites will cross between the sub-fields of Psychology; therefore, we expect students to be open to delving into different areas if need be.

My overall GPA is below the required 3.4, may I still apply?

If your GPA is slightly below a 3.4, we still encourage students to apply. While you may still apply, please be aware that most finalists and Gil interns GPAs are well-above a 3.4.

Who should my two letters of recommendation be from?

One letter of recommendation must be from a faculty member, and the other should be from a current/previous supervisor, mentor, or non-family member. It is not mandatory to obtain a recommendation from a Psychology faculty member, but strongly encouraged, since these recommendations will show motivation and dedication to the practice and application of Psychology.

Do you recommend any specific courses for students to take alongside the internship program? What about in the semesters before they hope to apply?

Students must have taken PSYC 101 plus two other PSYC courses to be considered for the Gil Internship. They must also be declared PSYC majors, but beyond that the courses one takes can vary. If you are more interested in one particular sub-field of Psychology, and think you will want to do your internship within that field, you may want to consider taking more courses in that sub-field.

What types of sites will be available?

One of the main goals of the Gil Internship program is to offer internship sites that cross all six of the programs offered by the Department of Psychology; therefore, we intend to place students at a variety of sites. Sites will range from research institutions, private practices, government agencies, mental health clinics, as well as many others.

What is the stipend for the semester?

The Gil Internship program will pay students a stipend of $1,800 per semester. Students will be paid monthly.

What happens if I don’t have my own transportation and my site is off-campus?

Sites will be offered that are both close-to-campus and off-campus. There is also free local transportation offered in Chapel Hill, so students without cars are encouraged to use the bus system if needed. Interns are asked to document whether they have their own transportation or not on the application. This is only used for matching purposes once interns have been selected and will not affect their likelihood on being selected.

If I’m accepted into the Gil Internship do I have to enroll for my class via Connect Carolina or will it be done for me?

No, you will be enrolled by the Gil Internship Manager before the semester starts. You will also be enrolled into Sakai. The course is PSYC 493 and will meet every Monday in Davie 101 from 2:00-2:50pm.

What are some tips for having a successful application and interview?

There are quite a few things, but some of the more important points to remember are:

  1. Make sure to ask recommenders who can speak to your professional and academic abilities and strengths.
  2. Your letter of application should be as detailed as possible with what you hope to learn and how you can contribute to your internship site. Take some time to research possible avenues of work within the subfield you hope to intern with, as it will provide you with more relevant details for your letter.
  3. Follow all steps to complete the application and turn it in before the deadline. These steps are outlined on our website, are extremely important, and must be followed.
  4. As with any interview, being prepared for a variety of different questions is important, as is having very clear ideas of how you will contribute as a Gil Intern and what you want to get out of it. Lastly, practicing with others is a tried and true technique that helps one become more familiar and confident with the interview experience.

Can I apply to the Gil Internship if I do not attend UNC?

No, this program is only for UNC students.  Moreover, applicants must be declared Psychology majors and either a junior or senior.