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 Buzinski Steven G. Buzinski, Ph.D.
Director of the Karen M. Gil Internship Program on PsychologyDr. Steven Buzinski, a Social Psychologist by training, received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland in 2011.  An award-winning graduate teaching assistant and Lilly teaching fellow at the University of Maryland, Dr. Buzinski joined the University of North Carolina’s Department of Psychology as a Lecturer in 2012.

236 Davie Hall
Psychology Department, UNC-CH
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Phone:  919-962-5081

Rachael Farrelle
Karen M. Gil Internship Program Manager
213C Davie Hall
Psychology Department, UNC-CH
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Phone:  919-962-4977


Spring 2015 interns

bailey lizNIRL logo

Liz Bailey, class of 2015
Clinical Intern at UNC’s Neurocognition and Imaging Research Lab (NIRL)

Liz is a senior Chemistry and Psychology double major at UNC graduating in May 2015. She is active in Carolina Neuroscience and Stigma Free UNC, which emphasize psychological research, and strive to reduce the stigma of mental health issues. As an intern for the North Carolina House of Representatives, Liz has developed interpersonal skills in helping constituents in a variety of contexts. She hopes to use this experience in addition to technical skills acquired working in UNC’s undergraduate Chemistry labs to eventually attend medical or graduate school and continue treatment research or patient care.As a clinical intern at NIRL, Liz will first be trained to properly conduct neuroimaging tests and interpret their results, prior to being eventually given the opportunity to try and design a task for patients of a certain population to complete while being imaged.Outside of academics, Liz enjoys cooking, crafting, spending as much time with her family as possible and is a UNC athletics fanatic. Go Heels!
RTI Daniel Barrus, class of 2015
Behavioral Neuroscience Intern at RTI International

Daniel is a senior Psychology and English double major from Cary, NC. His primary research interest is in the neuropsychology of memory. For much of his undergraduate career, Daniel has been working as a research assistant in Dr. Don Lysle’s behavioral neuroscience lab, where he has worked with animal models of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Building upon this work, he is currently completing an honors thesis examining the role of hippocampal astrocytes in fear learning. Daniel has also studied the contribution of personal narrative coherence to adolescent well-being with Dr. Elaine Reese during a semester he spent abroad at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand.As a behavioral neuroscience intern this semester, Daniel will be working at RTI International with a team in the behavioral pharmacology department. His project will include research that focuses on cannabinoids and improving efforts to establish an animal self-administration model.

Samuel Brotkin, class of 2015
Clinical Intern at Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities (CIDD)

Samuel is a senior Psychology major and Social Entrepreneurship minor interested in helping children who are facing severely touch obstacles (chronic illness, developmental disabilities, etc.) build resiliency to have better outcomes. For the past five years he has working at Sunrise Day Camp, the only day camp in the country for children with cancer and their siblings. As a Head Supervisor, he worked directly with a Pediatric Psychologist making assessments and interventions for each child suffering from social, emotional, physical and/or cognitive deficiencies. As an undergraduate student, he served as a “Best Buddy” in the Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Center at Duke’s Children’s Hospital, in which he was paired with a child and his/her family undergoing a bone marrow transplant.As a clinical intern Samuel will be observing the array of different clinics offered at CIDD and the process in which they evaluate their clients. In the clinical sector, their main mission is to ultimately provide the patient with a diagnosis and advice for future treatment. As an aspiring Pediatric Psychologist, the Gil Internship will allow him to work with a different population, which will help assess and intervene with future patients with a more holistic approach. In addition to his work in Psychology, Samuel is very passionate about educational inequality and mental health. He served as the Director of Publicity for Rethink: Mental Illness, a campus organization that challenges the stigmas associated with mental illness. In his free time, Sam loves reading, traveling, going to live shows, and cheering on his favorite New York sports teams.
 CHCCS-logo Calvary Diggs, class of 2015
Developmental Intern at Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS)

Calvary is a senior psychology major and education minor from Charlotte, NC. His academic and professional interests have focused on supporting children in schools. This has taken a variety of forms, but he is most fond of working with students on reading comprehension and writing. He currently volunteers as a literacy tutor and a writing coach in schools. Calvary plans to pursue a degree in school psychology and further explore literacy as well as social-emotional interventions. His goal is to help students with difficulties with reading, writing, and social skills find the proper supports in schools.
 Veritas Dakota Foard, class of 2015
Clinical Intern at Veritas Collaborative

Dakota is a senior from Atlanta, Georgia majoring in Psychology and Political Science. Her research interests are centered on eating disorders and body image, specifically the relationship between social comparison and body image and the relationship between sexual violence and eating disorders. She has worked in Dr. Bardone-Cone’s research lab for several years and is currently working on an honor’s thesis with Dr. Bardone-Cone examining the relationship among exercise comparison, body dissatisfaction, and disordered eating behaviors. Dakota also volunteers with the Compass Center for Women and Families facilitation a coping skills group for children and adolescents in transitional housing. She also serves as Chair of the Undergraduate Honor Court at UNC. In her free time, Dakota enjoys traveling, baking, and non-fiction reading.Dakota will be working at Veritas Collaborative, an eating disorder treatment facility in Durham. Veritas provides inpatient, acute residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient services for adolescents. Adolescent patients participate in family therapy as well as group and individual therapy with a focus on DBT. This semester she will be observing different therapy groups, such as multi-family therapy and group DBT. She will also eat with patients during meal times and work with Therapeutic Assistants, who spend time with patients when they’re not in therapy sessions.
 3-CFamilyServices Lindsey Freeman, class of 2016
Clinical Intern at 3-C Family Services

Lindsey is a junior Psychology major with a minor in Biology. Her research interests in Psychology are largely centered on improving assessment of Psychological disorders. Her work in Dr. Eric Youngstrom’s Mood and Emotions Clinical Child Assessment Lab has provided her with the opportunity to evaluate how different questionnaires perform as diagnostic tools. The lab has recently started focusing on the relationship between circadian rhythm disturbances and mood disorders, and Lindsey hopes to do more research on the subject in the next year. More recently, she joined Dr. Nisha Gottfredson’s lab at the Center for Developmental Science, which focuses on using Ecological Momentary Assessment to assess present emotional states in connection with substance use and eating behaviors.This semester, Lindsey will be able to sit in on case conferences at 3-C Family Services, in which the entire staff comes together to discuss their recent clients and how to address certain clinical issues. These case conferences will give her an insight into how clients are treated in an outpatient setting, and they will also provide a platform to conduct literature searches and reviews on some of the topics discussed. She will also be involved in a research study that will assess treatment outcomes for patients, and will help with data collection/entry and with transcribing session tapes so they can evaluate how certain treatments work for patients over time.  Through the Gil Internship, Lindsey hopes to further connect the ideas of research and clinical practice. Outside of Psychology, Lindsey plays tenor saxophone for the Marching Tar Heels and enjoys volunteering with the Red Cross and the Special Olympics.
 HorizonPerformance Andy Jin, class of 2015
Cognitive Intern at Horizon Performance

Andy is a rising senior from Oak Ridge, NC studying psychology and cognitive science. He is primarily interested in cognitive psychology and has worked in a number of research labs, studying topics such as attention, memory, and decision making. Andy will be working on his honors thesis this coming year in in Dr. Mulligan’s memory lab. His project will focus on the intersection between action memory and metamemory, examining people’s beliefs about memory for self-performed actions. In the near future, Andy hopes to continue his studies in graduate school. Andy is very excited to be a part of the Gil Internship, and looks forward to being able to apply his theoretical knowledge and skills in a practical setting. At Horizon Performance he will be using techniques such as task analysis to assist with software development.  To supplement their in-person consulting, Horizon Performance offers a web-based software that records data on personal character, physical performance, and technical skill.  He will be helping to improve this software’s validity and usability.In his free time, Andy enjoys volunteering as a tutor for K-12 students. He also likes playing soccer and ultimate Frisbee, and will occasionally try his luck at Texas hold’em.
 UNC CEED Isabelle Lanser, class of 2016
Clincal Intern at UNC’s Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders (CEED)

Isabelle is a rising junior from Greensboro, NC pursing a BA in Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Science. She is interested in clinical psychology because of its diverse applications and how it combines research and therapy. For the past year, she has working in the Penn Lab as a research assistant, studying social cognition in patients with schizophrenia. Her works involved data analyses corresponding to aggression and hostility biases, social cognition training and alternative treatment programs. Additionally, she is interested in enhancing current training methods through the use of online education management systems to foster stronger inter-group relations outside of the therapy setting. Her interest in clinical psychology is derived from her passion for understanding different perspectives and ways of thought. Through the Karen M. Gil Internship, she hopes to integrate her research background with current clinical methods to understand the formulation of targeted treatment plans for clients and learn how clinicians balance analytical problem-solving approaches with empathy. This semester Isabelle will be assisting in a study called Uniting Couples in the Treatment of Eating Disorders (UNITE). This study is a spinoff of another study in the lab called UCAN, which targets patients suffering from Anorexia Nervosa. UNITE applies the same couple-based therapy approach used in UCAN to Binge Eating Disorder. Outside of academics and research, Isabelle enjoys drawing, reading and taking adventures with family and friends.
 BRIC Evan Melton, class of 2016
Behavioral-Neuroscience/Cognitive Intern at UNC’s Biomedical Research Imaging Center (BRIC)

Evan is a junior psychology and biology major interested in the area of behavioral neuroscience. While looking forward to the neuroscience minor that he hopes to see in place next fall, he enjoys neuroscience-related classes in the psychology department. Since his sophomore year, he has worked in the PEPLab through the social program, learning all about the psychophysiological link between the brain and heart via the vagus nerve. This research experience through PSYC 395 has further broadened his interest in the compatible fields of biology and psychology. In the future, he hopes to attend graduate school for behavioral neuroscience and become a researcher at the university level. This semester, Evan will be working at UNC’s Biomedical Research Imaging Center, which serves as a resource for a variety of labs, faculty, and studies that include psychology-related topics and range far beyond as well. Currently, there are studies being conducted at BRIC that include psychological concepts such as reward-seeking, memory, addiction, and disorders. Once Evan has been matched up with a primary investigator and lab, he will work on that lab’s studies by collaborating with the lab’s staff and BRIC’s imaging capabilities to get a more comprehensive internship experience in research study coordination and implementation. Aside from his academic and research pursuits, he is an avid fan of UNC athletics and a season ticketholder for the newly-rebranded Charlotte Hornets! His time at UNC has brought him great experience in leadership, time-management, and motivation to work diligently. He is very hopeful that he will be able to pursue his dreams of conducting research at an institution like UNC, and is honored to have been chosen as a Spring 2015 Gil Intern!



Claire Murray, class of 2015
Social Intern at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School

Claire was born and raised in Durham, NC. She is a senior Psychology major and recently added an Advertising minor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Claire has worked as a research assistant at The Sensory Experiences Project, a developmental psychology lab in the Department of Allied Health Sciences, for the past 2 ½ years and has enjoyed exploring multiple parts of the research process. A summer internship with the Consumer Psychology team at Altisource Labs inspired Claire to further explore the connection between social psychology and marketing and advertising strategy. After graduation, she hopes to work in the business sector for a few years before applying to graduate school. In her spare time in Chapel Hill, she enjoys giving tours to prospective students through UNC Admissions Ambassadors, exploring Chapel Hill with her friends, and attending football and basketball games to cheer on the Tarheels.This semester Claire will be conducting a study regarding the influence of people’s economic background on their financial decision-making. Specifically, they look at how varying levels of past economic adversity influence individuals’ willingness to take risks in the future. She is also working on developing a task that tests participants’ level of optimism about financial decisions and risk-taking. Last fall, she ran her first half marathon and has her sights set on completing a full marathon this year. Claire recently returned from a semester abroad in Florence, where she studied Renaissance art and picked up a few cooking skills in a course on the many regional cuisines of Italy. Claire is very excited to be a part of Gil internship program and is looking forward to making the most of her last semester at UNC!



Stephanie Tepper, class of 2016
Social Intern at innovation Research &Training (iRT)

Stephanie is a junior from Westfield, New Jersey, majoring in Psychology and minoring in French and Medical Anthropology. She is primarily interested in social psychology, having stumbled upon literature within the field of positive psychology in high school while exploring the study of positive emotions. She was thrilled to discover the research within this field taking place at UNC and has been working as a research assistant in Dr. Barbara Fredrickson’s Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Laboratory (PEP Lab) since the spring of 2012 under the guidance of graduate students Elise Rice and Carrie Adair. She is fascinated by the ways in which positive psychology’s approaches can be used to optimize individual and group functioning, improve interpersonal relationships, and even treat illness. She hopes to continue studying emotions and exploring the ways in which this research can be applied in various facets of life.During Stephanie’s time at iRT, she will be working with the mindfulness team to develop a program for high school students that will complement iRT’s existing elementary and middle school programs. This will involve conducting preliminary research and focus groups with students and teachers to determine what methods will be most relevant and effective for high school students. From this input, as well as existing research on adolescent development, they will design the program and eventually conduct a study to test its efficacy in several schools in the area so that it can be implemented on a larger scale.In addition to studying Psychology, Stephanie enjoys learning about French language and culture and had the opportunity to spend a semester in Montpellier, France in the spring of 2014. She also pursues various passions in music; she plays snare drum as a member of the Marching Tar Heels, serves as director of the Carolina Ukulele Ensemble, and enjoys singing and fiddling as well.

Fall 2014 interns

CIDD Alexandra Alvarez, class of 2015
Developmental Intern at Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities (CIDD)

Alexandra is a senior Psychology major and Education minor. She was born in Venezuela and grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland. Her research interests in Psychology are centered on the study of eating disorders, especially in ethnic minorities. Throughout her undergraduate career, she has worked in Dr. Anna Bardone-Cone’s research lab at UNC where she has helped in the creation and execution of research studies focusing on recovery from eating disorders and the effects of media on body image, self-esteem, perfectionism, and more. She is currently working on an honors thesis with Dr. Bardone-Cone in which she examines the influence of parental pressures and perfectionistic expectations on body image and disordered eating in a college-aged sample.Alexandra is also passionate about working with children through Psychology research.She has dedicated the past two summers to working with the Partners for Parenting Program at the University of Maryland under the direction of Dr. Lisa Berlin and Dr. Brenda Jones-Harden. As a community interviewer, she helped conduct in-home data collection visits that include video recorded mother-infant interactions and assessment of infant stress regulation for a five-year federally funded randomized trial testing Early Head Start services for low-income, predominantly monolingual Spanish mothers and infants with and without a supplemental parenting program. Alexandra is excited to continue working within the developmental and clinical Psychology fields through her work as a Gil intern.After graduation, Alexandra hopes to pursue a Master’s degree in School Counseling.
foulser albanNC_DPS Alban Foulser, class of 2015
Social Intern at NC Department of Public Safety; Polk Correctional Institution

Alban is a senior from Melrose, Massachusetts. She is double majoring in Psychology and German. At UNC, she is Co-Chair of Project Dinah, a student group that works to end interpersonal and sexual violence. She volunteers as a Community Educator with the Orange County Rape Crisis Center, and she is a mentor for international students at UNC through Easing Abroad Students’ Entry (EASE). She has also recently worked as a research assistant studying neural activity in Dr. Flavio Frohlich’s neuroscience lab at UNC.In her free time, Alban loves running, going to the farmer’s market, and doing crossword puzzles. She also enjoys traveling, going to the beach, and seeing her family.After college, Alban hopes to move to explore a new city and continue her work with interpersonal violence prevention for a few years before pursuing a graduate degree.
 frumkin madelynVeritas Madelyn Frumkin, class of 2015
Clinical Intern at Veritas Collaborative

Madelyn is a senior Psychology and Music double major from Charlotte, NC.  Much of her interest in Psychology stems from her work as a research assistant in the Bardone-Cone lab at UNC-Chapel Hill. Madelyn has worked on many projects related to body image and disordered eating as a member of this lab, including the NIH-funded Road to Recovery from Eating Disorders Study and several studies concerning social media use and body image. She also completed an independent research project studying the application of feminist theories to the treatment and prevalence of negative body image and disordered eating in various cultures. Madelyn is very excited to continue studying eating disorders in a clinical setting through her internship at Veritas Collaborative, an eating disorder treatment center for adolescents.In addition to her work in Psychology, Madelyn is passionate about interpersonal violence prevention and sexual assault awareness on campus. She serves as co-chair of Project Dinah, a student organization that works to prevent and end all interpersonal violence on campus and in our community through education and advocacy programs.Madelyn is also studying classical singing at UNC, where she performs in operas, recitals, and other concerts. In her free time, Madelyn enjoys doing yoga, eating sushi, and watching Parks & Recreation.
horschler daniel


Daniel Horschler, class of 2016
Cognitive Intern at Lenovo

Daniel is a rising junior from High Point, NC majoring in Psychology and minoring in Anthropology. His interests lie mostly in the cognitive branch of psychology, and are centered on memory, thinking, and problem solving.He spent the past year working with Dr. Mark Hollins in the Somatosensory Research Lab. The Lab is currently focused on pain research, and more specifically looks to identify non-pharmacological methods of chronic pain reduction and relief. His experiences in the Lab have taught him a great deal about how cognitive psychologists conduct their research and go about solving difficult problems.Next year, he looks forward to completing a PSYC 395 project in the Lab that will take a closer look at the use of vibration to treat chronic pain. In addition to his interests in cognitive psychology, he has always enjoyed learning more about the information technology field. The Gil Internship will allow him to combine his interests in psychology with information technology through the development of user interfaces. He is excited to be working with Lenovo on usability research, which examines how effectively and efficiently new technology is being utilized and seeks to identify potential changes to the technology to make it easier to use. This experience will help him to fully realize the expanding role that cognitive psychology has in developing consumer electronics.In his free time, he enjoys a variety of activities such as fishing with the Carolina Fishing Club, camping, canoeing, and playing disc golf. In the future, he hopes to pursue graduate studies in cognitive psychology with an eye towards a career in either academia or usability research and software development.
juarez oliviaLepage Olivia Juarez, class of 2016
Clinical Intern at Lepage Associates

Olivia is a junior Psychology major from Durham, North Carolina with a minor in Cognitive Science. She plans to attend a graduate program in Clinical Psychology. Her research interests focus on emotional processes, particularly in empathy and its association with interpersonal relationships and depression, as well as the concept of deficits in empathic abilities as predictors of morbidity of other psychiatric illnesses. Her clinical interests include the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, as well as the treatment of addiction and compulsive behaviors.She recently worked with Dr. Andrea Hussong and her team at the Raising Grateful Children Project in the CDS lab as a research assistant; the project seeks to understand the way gratitude is socialized in children through the relationships of the parent-child dyad. While in the lab, she also conducted research in the form of a literature review in which she examined the process through which interpersonal tensions mediate the relationship between deficits in the empathic abilities of alcoholics and changes in drinking behaviors.Through the Karen M. Gil Internship, she will be working with Dr. Lepage at the Lepage Associates Solution Based Psychological and Psychiatric Services clinical facility in Durham, exploring various facets of psychology including but not limited to forensic psychology, CBT, marriage and group counseling, and neurofeedback services.Apart from her academic and professional career, she is a brand new author with a whole-hearted passion for poetry, dance, and above all, family. I am elated to be a part of what I am certain will be a very rewarding experience through the Karen M. Gil Internship!
mckenna brookeHorizonPerformance Brooke McKenna, class of 2015
Social Intern at Horizon Performance

Brooke is a senior from Chapel Hill, NC majoring in Psychology and Biology. Her initial interests in health and wellness led her to pursue an education in the science of both the body and the mind. She has since explored numerous fields of psychology in hopes of applying a combination of these two fields. This summer Brooke worked with Dr. William Pelham’s Summer Treatment Program to determine and implement the most effective combination of medication and behavioral modification for children with ADHD, ODD, and other developmental disorders. She has also worked with Dr. Mitchell Prinstein’s Peer Relations Lab to investigate how adolescents’ development is related to their peer interactions, social behaviors, and emotional and physiological reactions. These experiences sparked Brooke’s interest in the social interactions that govern adults’ mental health and behavior, and how these features can be evaluated.Through the Gil Internship she will be able to observe how various aspects of Occupational Psychology are applied to personnel selection and assessment, psychometrics, and organizational culture within the workplace.Outside of psychology, Brooke enjoys getting involved with her community and staying active. She has worked with a local organization, Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocacy, as an academic tutor for minority students and is also an ESL tutor for members of the Hispanic community. She is a member of UNC’s Club Volleyball team, and has also served as a manager for the varsity volleyball team for the past three years. In her free time she enjoys reading, drawing and painting, and traveling as often as possible.
mcweeny seanTEACCH Sean McWeeny, class of 2015
Clinical Intern at TEACCH

Sean is a rising senior from Indianapolis, IN majoring in Psychology and Music. He has been interested in studying the effects of music on behavior since high school and hopes to pursue this niche interest after his undergraduate studies. He strongly believes in music as a treatment for many types of disorders, both physical and psychological. This belief has led him to the field of autism research, where music therapy has gained a lot of attention as an alternative therapy and form of communication due to the language deficits associated with autism.He works in the Clinical Affective Neuroscience (CAN) Lab with Dr. Gabriel Dichter. This past summer he spent the majority of his time working as a Taylor Mentored Research Fellow on a project examining the developmental aspects of reward processing in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). He would not have made it to this point without the guidance of Dr. Mitch Prinstein, with whom he has worked since his first year. Through his involvement in Dr. Prinstein’s lab, PeerLab, he established a strong foundation for research and has since grown to develop his own project. He will be working on an Honors Project this coming year with his advisors Dr. Patrick Curran and Dr. Gabriel Dichter to develop a new measure for assessing social motivation, a core feature of autism.The Gil Internship will allow him to work with individuals on the spectrum in a non-research capacity, which he is super excited for.Outside of psychology, he is a performing violinist with the UNC Symphony Orchestra as well as with local bands. The free time that he is afforded is spent either practicing/playing music or running/cycling. He has run competitively for 11 years and hopes to continue running and cycling for the rest of his life.
 seider nicoleRTI Nicole Seider, class of 2015
Quantitative Intern at RTI International

Nicole is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, double majoring in Psychology (BS) and Chemistry (BA).She is a joint research assistant in the labs of Dr. Charlotte Boettiger (Coginitve Addiction and Biopsychology Lab) and Dr. Martin Styner (Neuro Image Research Laboratories). Under their supervision, she has conducted research for the past two years into the structural differences of the gray and white matter of individuals with differing levels of alcohol and nicotine consumption. Quantitative Tractography, a novel DTI (diffusion tensor imaging) analysis method, was used to analyze the white matter microstructure of participants of white matter fiber bundles implicated in delayed discounting task research. Psychology interests are focused in the fields of Neuropsychology and Quantitative Psychology, specifically the development of the brain and understanding how to better utilize technology and statistical analysis to provide a better understanding of cognitive structure and organization (eventually).Nicole is a native of Chile and fluent in both Spanish and English.
sundararaj preethikaCogPsychofCH Preethika Sundararaj, class of 2016
Clinical Intern at Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill

/Preethika is a Junior at UNC-Chapel Hill from Oak Ridge, North Carolina with a major in Psychology and minors in Chemistry and History. During her undergraduate career, Preethika aims to gain some experience in various sub fields of Psychology. After completing a clinical psychology internship the previous semester dealing with adolescents with abnormal eating disorders and emerging borderline personality disorders, she will be conducting research this semester with adult ADHD. She looks forward in the upcoming years to gain some experience with social psychology as well, as she is interested in couples and relationship psychology. As a pre-med student, Preethika hopes that gaining experience in various sub fields will be helpful when deciding whether to pursue either medical school or graduate school after graduation.Outside of academics, Preethika is involved with the Campus Y, where she is the co-chair of the committee C.H.E.A.P (Carolina Hunger Education and Activism Project). The committee, partnering with the international organization Stop Hunger Now, seeks to raise awareness among the Carolina Community concerning hunger-related issues and fundraises to carry out an annual ‘Heel Meals’ meal packaging event, packaging thousands of meals to send to countries around the world that may need them most. After studying abroad for a semester in London, Preethika has developed a passion for traveling. In her spare time, she volunteers on the weekends as a part of the Buckley Public Service Scholars program.
 skyes jesseUNC_NicotineDepProg Jesse Sykes, class of 2014
Clinical Intern at UNC’s Nicotine Dependence Program

Jesse is a senior Psychology major at UNC, with a minor in History. Her interest in Psychology is focused on Clinical Psychology since she hopes to become a Rehabilitation Counselor and work with people who have physical and mental obstacles to overcome. Currently, she works as a research assistant in an Eating Disorders and Body Image Lab on campus, which has been a highlight of her time at UNC. She is also a member of an Honor Society on campus, and helps to make Build-a-Bears for sick kids in the hospital. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching movies, and spending time with her family and friends.