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Important dATES

Fall 2013

  • 09/30:  Honors Thesis Grant Applications due (these include Departmental and University awards).  Awards are announced in mid-October.
Spring 2014
  • 03/01:  Deadline for submitting abstracts to the Celebration of Undergraduate Research 
  • 04/01:  Deadline for Applications to Honors Program for AY 2014-2015 
  • 04/14:  Deadline for defending Senior Thesis. Complete defense by 4pm, submit the Oral Defense Form. 
  • 04/14:  UNC Celebration for Undergraduate Research, Student Union 1 – 3pm. 
  • 04/25:  Deadline to submit Thesis online
  • 04/30:  Departmental Honors Poster Session
  • 05/11:  Commencement

Useful Links

Office of Undergraduate Research

Honors Carolina

James M. Johnston Center