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6 of our Psychology and Neuroscience undergraduates, Samantha Dove, Isai Garcia-Baza, Jocelyn Le, Nadia Peyravian, Jasmine Shah, and Megan Villegas, are the recipients of the 2015-16 Lindquist Undergraduate Research Grants.

The Psychology and Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Program, on behalf of the Lindquist Undergraduate Research Fund, funds undergraduate research projects in the Department. These funds can be used to buy needed equipment or software, recruit participants, or to offset costs related to presenting or publishing research. In total, six grants are awarded over the academic year – three in the fall and three in the spring.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients!

Award Winner

Award Semester

Research Project

Faculty Advisor
Samantha Dove
Fall 2015
“Relationship Between Stress and Habitual Behavior: How They Relate to Relapse”
Dr. Charlotte Boettiger
Isai Garcia-Baza
Spring 2016
“Parental Support, Cultural Familial Values, and Student Academic Outcomes in Hispanic Families”
Dr. Beth Kurtz-Costes
Jocelyn Le
Spring 2016
“Mindfulness as a Function of Everyday Work Experience”
Dr. Michael Christian
Nadia Peyravian
Fall 2015
“Cognitive Aging in Autism Spectrum Disorders”
Dr. Laura Klinger
Jasmine Shah
Spring 2016
“The Effects of Comorbid Major Depression on Cognitive Functioning in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder”
Dr. Gabriel Dichter
Megan Villegas
Fall 2015
“Improving Body Satisfaction through the Formation of If-Then Plans”
Dr. Pascal Sheeran

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