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Lacy Rardin, an undergraduate majoring in Psychology and Exercise and Sport Science, was selected as a 2016 UNC Phillips Ambassador for Study Abroad in Asia.

The Phillips Ambassadors Program is part of UNC’s Carolina Asia Center, in association with the Study Abroad office. Phillips Ambassadors are selected twice a year and selections are based on strong communication skills, intellectual curiosity and engagement, academic achievement, evidence of generous service to the campus and community, and a previous record of leadership. A distinguishing feature of this program is an emphasis on giving back – or the sharing of one’s study abroad experience with the Carolina community and a student’s home town. Giving back include endeavors such as published articles, classroom presentations, photo and art exhibitions, musical performances, and group projects. The Phillips Ambassadors Program is made possible through a generous gift from Carolina alumnus Earl N. Phillips, an entrepreneur and former United States ambassador, and his family.

Lacy will study through the National University of Singapore FASStrack Summer Program.

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