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Garrett Blane Ivey, a graduating senior, is the recipient of the second annual J. Steven Reznick Award, a diversity research award.

The purpose of the J. Steven Reznick Award for Diversity Enhancement in Psychological Research is to encourage and honor students who make a contribution to the advancement of knowledge concerning issues that face diverse populations or that are of concern to diverse populations.

Garrett deserves this award for his groundbreaking research into the effects of gender policing on college students’ mental health outcomes. Garrett brings a unique perspective to psychology research, incorporating knowledge from his double major with Women and Gender Studies. Garrett’s innovative thesis project examined the phenomenon of gender policing – a construct never before studied in psychology research – which refers to words or actions by individuals that serve to reinforce traditional constructions and presentations of gender. Garrett works tirelessly to increase tolerance toward gender diversity on campus and beyond. In addition to his senior honors tehsis on gender policing, in a PSYC 566 Attitude Change class project this spring, he worked with classmates to construct an intervention to increase UNC students’ flexibility in their views of masculinity. Through his research as well as everyday lifestyle choices, Garrett has increased diversity with regard to gender norms. Garrett was honored at the Psychology and Neuroscience Commencement Ceremony on May 8, 2016.

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