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9 of our Psychology and Neuroscience Honors undergraduates, Chloe Berube Altieri, Lillian Dillard, Rachael Kang, Julia Katz, Kenny Le, Alex Martin, Saif Mehyar, Cortland Vis, and Elizabeth Wallace received Honors Thesis Research Grants from the UNC Honors College.

The Honors Thesis Research Grants are intended to help offset the cost of conducting a Senior Honors Thesis and can help cover the cost of equipment, supplies, software, publications, transportation, and other expenses. All of the following awards are made possible through generous gifts to the Honors College.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients!

Award Winner

Honors Project
Chloe Berube Altieri
“Economic Inequality and Innovative Thoughts”
Lillian Dillard
“The Downside of Being Strong: Caregiver Superhumanization and Stifled Perceptions of Suffering”
Rachael Kang
“The wQUADAS: Creation and Reliability”
Julia Katz
“The Consequences of Moral Typecasting in Healthcare”
Kenny Le
“Cognitive Debiasing to Improve Clinician Diagnosis of Mood Disorders”
Alex Martin
“How Religion Predicts Moral Beliefs”
Saif Mehyar
“Neural Correlates of Economic Inequality-Induced Increases in Risky Decision-Making”
Cortland Vis
“Effects of Alpha-2 Adrenergic Receptors and Subsequent Binge-Like Alcohol Intake”
Elizabeth Wallace
“Self-Disclosure and Liking Across Groups”

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