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Jasmin Roelle Brooks, a graduating senior, is the recipient of the fourth annual J. Steven Reznick Award, a diversity in research award.

The purpose of the J. Steven Reznick Award for Diversity Enhancement in Psychological Research is to encourage and honor students who make a contribution to the advancement of knowledge concerning issues that face diverse populations or that are of concern to diverse populations.

Jasmin received this award for her work on understanding risk and resilience factors in African American youth and families. She conducts research in Dr. Enrique Neblett’s African American Youth Wellness Laboratory and Dr. Shauna Cooper’s Strengths, Assets, and Resilience (StAR) Laboratory. Her nominator wrote, “Jasmin is deserving of this award based on her commitment to conducting research among African Americans, her passion for psychological science, and her constant pursuit of novel research experiences.” Jasmin was honored with the J. Steven Reznick Award at the Psychology and Neuroscience Commencement Ceremony on Sunday, May 13, 2018.

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