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Dr. Keith Payne, Professor of Social Psychology, Dr. Kristjen Lundberg, Alumna of the Social Psychology Doctoral Program, and Heidi Vuletich, a graduate student in Developmental and Social Psychology, are the recipients of the International Social Cognition Network (ISCON) 2017 Best Cognition Paper Award.

Their paper, “The Bias of Crowds: How Implicit Bias Bridges Personal and Systemic Prejudice,” was published in Psychological Inquiry and was the paper chosen for this award. The ISCON Award Committee was impressed by this paper as it takes a widely studied and central topic in social cognition (implicit bias) and adopts a theoretically novel and creative approach to addressing some of the biggest puzzles still challenging this research area. The authors combine an unusually broad level of analysis with the very basic notion of concept accessibility to radically reorient our way of thinking about implicit bias, what is means, and how it works.

Congratulations to Dr. Payne, Dr. Lundberg, and Heidi!

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