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7 of our Psychology and Neuroscience Honor undergraduates, Carley Cook, Willa King, Emma McQueen, Trusha Patel, Alex Proca, Sinclaire Scales, and Taylor Weckstein are the recipients of the 2019 David Bray Peele Award.

The Peele Award honors David Bray Peele, who received his Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Psychology in May 1975 and worked with Dr. Mark Waller on an Honor’s Thesis. He completed his graduate work at the American University in Washington. After receiving his Ph.D., Dr. Peele returned to North Carolina to work at the Neurotox Division at the Environmental Protection Agency. He used innovative behavioral methods in his research to demonstrate toxic effects in rats. Dr. Peele passed away suddenly in 1990. After his death, his family remembered how his Honors work at UNC Chapel Hill has opened so many opportunities for him and decided to an establish a fund that would bear his name. The Peele Award supports our undergraduate students in psychology and their Honors projects.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients!

Award Winner

Honors Project
Carley Cook
“College Students’ Nonprescription Stimulant Use”
Willa King
“Mental Contrasting with Implementation Intentions to Reduce Health-Information Avoidance”
Emma McQueen
“Executive Functioning and Behavioral Flexibility in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”
Trusha Patel
“Patient Perspectives on Perinatal Psychiatric Care Transitions”
Alex Proca
“Hippocampal Protein Differences in TAT Transgenic Mice Following Contextual Fear Conditioning”
Sinclaire Scales
“Effects of Race-Based Rejection on Attentional Bias”
Taylor Weckstein
“Sex Differences in Heroin-Conditioned Immunosuppression”

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