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Congratulations to the following instructors for garnering a Departmental Undergraduate Teaching Commendation for Fall 2019!

  • Steve Buzinski, Teaching Associate Professor
  • Vicki Chanon, Teaching Assistant Professor
  • Kelly Giovanello, Professor
  • Noah Greifer, Quantitative Psychology graduate student
  • Desiree Griffin, Teaching Associate Professor
  • Tate Halverson, Clinical Psychology graduate student
  • Jason Hannay, Social Psychology graduate student
  • William Krenzer, Adjunct Instructor
  • Beth Kurtz-Costes, Zachary Taylor Smith Term Distinguished Professor
  • Jeannie Loeb, Teaching Professor
  • Rachel Penton, Teaching Assistant Professor
  • Sabrina Robertson, Teaching Assistant Professor
  • Viji Sathy, Teaching Associate Professor
  • William Snider, Adjunct Professor
  • Danielle Weber, Clinical Psychology graduate student
  • Charlie Wiss, Teaching Professor
  • Alexandra Wojda, Clinical Psychology graduate student

Departmental Undergraduate Teaching Commendations are awarded to faculty and graduate student instructors in Psychology and Neuroscience whose course rating evaluations for their undergraduate courses are in the top 15 to 20% of the department with response ratings greater than 50% of the class (with a minimum of 10 student respondents). Congratulations to all of our Fall 2019 commendation recipients!

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