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Dr. Linda Dykstra, Adjunct Professor and Co-Principal Investigator of the Seeding Postdoctoral Innovators in Research and Education (SPIRE) Program, is the recipient of the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics’ (ASPET) 2020 P.B. Dews Lifetime Achievement Award for Research in Behavioral Pharmacology.

The ASPET Division for Behavioral Pharmacology sponsors the P.B. Dews Award for Research in Behavioral Pharmacology to recognize outstanding lifetime achievements in research, teaching, and professional service in the field of Behavioral Pharmacology and to honor Peter Dews for his seminal contributions to the development of behavioral pharmacology as a discipline. The award is presented biennially during the ASPET Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology and consists of a $1,000 honorarium, a commemorative plaque, partial travel expenses, and an invitation to deliver a special lecture during the meeting.

Dr. Dykstra was selected for her innovative, outstanding lifetime achievements in behavioral pharmacology research and her strong commitment to the teaching and mentoring of younger scientists. Dr. Dykstra’s research focused on the behavioral effects of opioid analgesics. She has been on the faculty at UNC her entire career, where she served as Dean of the Graduate School, a William Rand Kenan Jr Distinguished Professor in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, and a jointly appointed member of the Department of Pharmacology. Congratulations, Dr. Dykstra!

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