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Dr. Keely Muscatell, an Assistant Professor of Social Psychology, is the recipient of a 2020 American Psychological Association’s (AP) Board of Educational Affairs (BEA) grant.

The BEA Grants in Support of Conferences and Workshops in Graduate and Postgraduate Education and Training in Psychology is intended to enhance the quality of training for faculty, supervisors, and trainers at the graduate and postgraduate level.

With this grant, Dr. Muscatell will host a workshop titled, “Utilizing Inclusive Mentorship Practices to Enhance Equity in Graduate Education in Psychology,” in Spring 2021. This half-day workshop will include two sessions, each led by groups with a demonstrated track record of “mentoring the mentors” regarding inclusive mentorship practices. This workshop will directly enhance the mentorship skills of UNC Psychology and Neuroscience faculty members, particularly as it relates to mentoring graduate students from marginalized and underrepresented backgrounds. This workshop will provide that critical training to faculty to mentor graduate students and post-doctoral scholars from backgrounds different from their own. Congratulations, Dr. Muscatell!

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