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Kira Griffith, an undergraduate Neuroscience major, is a 2021 recipient of the UNC Undergraduate Diversity Award.

Each year the University recognizes people and groups that have given their time and effort to advance diversity, equity and inclusion at Carolina and in our surrounding community. As has always been the case, this work is vital as we build our community together. There are six categories for which nominations are accepted, including undergraduate student, graduate/professional student and/or postdoctoral scholar, staff, faculty, alumni, and intergroup collaboration. Two awards will be given out for each category.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kira has made significant strides to effectuate positive change in the community by serving as a representative and advocate on behalf of thousands of Carolina students to UNC administration. She has played a key role in communicating between the student body and administrative leadership and she has also used her platform to create virtual opportunities for students to connect with each other during the pandemic. Most recently Kira served as a student representative on the Chancellor’s Campus & Community Advisory Committee to advocate on behalf of the student body and underrepresented voices in the community. Kira has also played an instrumental role in the University’s building renaming efforts, working to better align our campus landscape with the mission and goals of the University. Read more about Kira online.

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