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Congratulations to 2 of our Psychology and Neuroscience faculty members who are our 2021 recipients of the Stephenson and Lindquist Awards. The Stephenson and Lindquist Award is a departmental funding award and its purpose is to support the research activities of our faculty.

Dr. Monica Gaudier-Diaz, Teaching Assistant Professor, received $2,000 to cover publication costs associated to the dissemination of novel teaching tools being used in her neuroscience courses, fund materials that will allow for more comprehensive course-based undergraduate research experiences, and support her professional development for relevant conferences.

Dr. Andrea Hussong, Professor of Clinical Psychology, received $16,000 for her pilot study that aims to test the feasibility and preliminary effectiveness of virtual reality as a parent training tool for parents in recovery from opioid addiction

Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the Stephenson and Lindquist Awards!

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