Message from the Chair

Writing this annual letter of greetings to you, our alumni and friends, I am reminded of how our department continues to grow and flourish every year. I am glad to report that this has been another successful year in Psychology and Neuroscience.

Howell Hall’s renovations were completed over the summer and we were able to move in our equipment and laboratories into a new state-of-the-art research facility. In August, our faculty, students, and staff celebrated the culmination of the project with a grand reopening of the building, complete with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, tours, and a research showcase. This multi-million dollar project not only provides us the research space our growing faculty so greatly need, but is already creating opportunities for collaboration and helping our department attract the best graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty.

Our undergraduates continue to interact with faculty in new and exciting ways. This year, our Karen M. Gil Internship Program has added seven more site placements to their internship offerings, including Teledyne Scientific and Imaging, featured in our annual newsletter. New internships give our students the ability to see the variety of ways they can apply their degrees in psychology and the opportunity to network with prominent psychologists in North Carolina. One of our distinguished professors, Dr. Peter Ornstein, is teaching an unusual and exciting First-Year Seminar Course that examines children’s eyewitness testimony. Dr. Ornstein’s students are studying the Little Rascals Day Care case, a prominent sexual abuse trial in North Carolina in the 1990s, to understand how children testify and the effects of interviewing on testimonies. Students will also meet a forensic psychologist and an attorney that were involved in the case. From their first year at Carolina, our students have the opportunity to see psychology in-action and become deeply involved in our community.

Our collective need still exceeds the state and federal funds that are available to us. Private funding continues to play a pivotal role in helping the department capitalize on our many strengths. In our annual newsletter, you’ll read about the innovative research being conducted by our faculty and students – and how private support from alumni like you makes those projects possible.

Private giving is crucial to maintaining the academic excellence for current and future students. So much of what we do depends on the generous support we receive from alumni and friends of the department. We are appreciative of any gift, large or small. If you have already made a gift to us this year, we thank you for your generous support.

I hope you enjoy hearing news from our department. When you visit Carolina, I invite you to visit us in Davie Hall or our new research facility, Howell Hall.

Warm regards,

Donald Lysle, Ph.D, Department Chair
Kenan Distinguished Professor
October 2016