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tunnelMartha Cox, Director of Research
Phil Lee, Grants Management Officer

The role of Research Services is to assist members of the Department of Psychology in the pursuit of resources to support empirical research in the behavioral sciences. Research Services is available to faculty members, undergraduate and graduate students, and other adjunct and post-doctoral positions that are officially affiliated with the department. Our primary purpose is to offer aid in the identification of sources of potential funding, alternative mechanisms of funding, potential avenues of collaboration both inside and outside the department, and step-by-step guidance from the development of the project to the final submission of the proposal. The guiding goal of Research Services is to maximize resources available to all members of the Department of Psychology to foster and support empirical research in the behavioral sciences.

Note to those submitting grants: All external grant proposals must be routed and approved by the University’s Office of Sponsored Research. Phil Lee can help you with your budget and all the internal forms required by the University, as well as many forms required by the Agency. 

Funding Agencies


National Institute of Health Home Page

National Institute of Health Site Map

National Institute of Health Grants OER Home Page

National Science Foundation Home Page

National Science Foundation Site Map


Grant Proposal Guide

NSF E-Bulletin



The Foundation Center

William T. Grant Foundation

Ford Foundation

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Stanley Medical Research Institute

Spencer Foundation

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

American Psychological Foundation

Grant Information at UNC

Funding Information for Graduate Students

Funding Information for Undergraduate Students

Dr. Marsha Penner is the Director for Undergraduate Research in Psychology.  More information can be found on the Department’s Undergraduate Research Page

Funding Databases


Other Databases