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Cognitive Science Minor

Cognitive Science is the study of intelligent behavior, information processing, and communication in living organisms and computers. A broad topic, Cognitive Science now involves such disciplines as biology, computer science, information science, linguistics, mathematics, neurology, philosophy, and psychology. The field developed when researchers realized that advances in their disciplines were mutually interdependent. Faculty and students coming together to study cognition also carry with them their discipline’s perspectives creating a holistic and multi-dimensional approach to cognitive science.

The Cognitive Science minor consists of five disciplinary areas: behavioral, biological, computational, linguistic, and philosophical. Each course, except the overview, falls into one or more disciplinary areas.

For current information regarding courses and requirements, please review the current catalog.

Chanon, Vicki
Teaching Associate Professor | Director of the Cognitive Science Minor
236 Davie Hall

Neuroscience Minor

Neuroscience embodies the liberal arts experience because it draws on techniques and findings from several academic disciplines including biology, chemistry, computer science, exercise and sports science, mathematics, physics, and psychology. The Neuroscience minor provides undergraduate students the opportunity to obtain fundamental knowledge and exposure needed to pursue careers and post-graduate studies in fields related to psychology, human development and aging, health and disease, rehabilitation, biomedical research, human-machine interactions, and other emerging disciplines.

The Neuroscience minor is open to all students, including psychology majors. However, students should note that they are limited to no more than 45 credit hours within a specific department.

For current information regarding courses and requirements, please review the current catalog.

Robertson, Sabrina
Teaching Associate Professor | Director of Neuroscience Curricula
230 Davie Hall