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Courses – Spring 2022

We are offering a number of undergraduate courses in Psychology and Neuroscience for Spring 2022; check out our Spring 2022 Course Offerings [PDF].

Restrictions and Registration Guidelines

Registration Restriction Periods

All seats in all 200 level, upper level (courses numbered 400 and above), and select 100 level undergraduate psychology and neuroscience courses will be restricted to PSYC and NSCI majors only when registration begins on October 25 and will remain in place until open enrollment begins on November 19. Restrictions will be removed on the morning of November 19 and will be reinstated one week later on November 26. These restrictions will then be removed again on the morning of January 16, the last day to add a course in ConnectCarolina.

Cognitive Science and Neuroscience minors will continue to have unrestricted access to PSYC and NSCI courses related to their minor during all registration restriction periods. Please note: for some courses, if all minor spots are full and only major spots remain, ConnectCarolina will not allow a minor to take a major spot.

Registration Guidelines

As always, we are working hard to meet the student demand for all of our courses. If you are concerned about completing the requirements for the psychology or neuroscience major in time to graduate, here are a few reminders:

  • Monitor Connect Carolina diligently and frequently during the entirety of the open enrollment period and make sure that you register at the beginning of your scheduled enrollment appointment.
  • Only two upper-level courses are required for a psychology major or neuroscience major, and seniors have priority in registering for them.
  • Consider taking summer school; we will offer several upper-level courses during the summer and often in Maymester as well and they rarely fill up!

Our Department requires all course registration to be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis in the ConnectCarolina system. Please do not contact the instructors directly, as the Department does not keep special enrollment lists and no one may be added outright to a course that is already closed in Connec Carolina. Our students have great success in enrolling in the courses they need merely by being aware of their registration schedule and by being persistent in ConnectCarolina.

The waitlists for the Spring 2022 term will remain in place until January 15; however, the last day to add yourself to a waitlist is December 8. For those of you not on a waitlist, please continue to monitor ConnectCarolina closely to register for your necessary courses.

If you are a senior psychology or neuroscience major planning to graduate in May 2022 and you do not successfully enroll in the courses that you need to graduate by the end of late registration, please contact our Student Services Manager.

Read more about our Department’s Enrollment Policy [PDF].

Other Important Registration Dates to Note

December 8, 2021: Waitlist Additions End
January 10, 2022: Classes and Late Registration begins
January 15, 2022: Waitlists Purged
January 16, 2022: Late Registration and Class Schedule Add Period Ends: Last day for students to register for classes (late registration) or to add classes to their schedule in Connect Carolina for the term
January 24, 2022: Undergraduate Class Drop (No Record) Period Ends at 5PM: Last day for students or schools/departments to drop a class in Connect Carolina and reduce course load, with tuition adjusted and no record of the class. Full-time students must maintain 12 credit hours
(Census Date)
January 25, 2022: Undergraduate Class Drop (On Record) Period Begins: Undergraduate students can drop classes in Connect Carolina. The class remains on the student record with a withdrawal grade notation (“W”)
March 7, 2022: Undergraduate Class Drop (On Record) Period Ends: Last day undergraduate students can drop classes in Connect Carolina. Drop transactions processed between weeks 3-8 will remain on the student’s record with a grade notation of “W” and also noted as a Withdrawal by Choice “WC”

Please refer to the Registrar’s Academic Calendar for a more detailed listing of semester registration dates.

NSCI Majors – Additional Registration Info

PSYC 210

An alternative way to receive credit for PSYC 210 is the PSYC 210 Placement Exam. Students must meet the following prerequisites to qualify for the exam:

  • Background in basic statistics, as indicated by credit on a college transcript
    • May include ECON 400, STOR 151, 155, or SOCI 252
    • May be transfer credit, by exam, or regular course credit
  • PSYC 101 completion
    • PSYC 101 is a prerequisite for PSYC 210 and must be earned prior to the exam
    • May be transfer credit, by exam, or regular course credit

Please note that students with credit for PSYC 215 may not take the PSYC 210 Placement Exam. This exam may only be taken once. If eligible, you would need to register for the exam online. Placement exams generally take place the business day before classes begin.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Natasha Parikh.

NSCI 175

Seat restrictions for our courses are in effect on the dates described above in the Registration Restriction Periods section. Therefore, if you see a seat open up in any section of NSCI 175, you may not be able to register for the seat unless you meet the requirements. All sections of NSCI 175 have separate seat restrictions for declared Neuroscience majors and declared Neuroscience minors. If the course appears open, but you cannot enroll & are a declared Neuroscience minor, this means that the open seats are restricted for declared Neuroscience majors only.

Incoming First-Year Neuroscience Majors: please keep in mind that we recommend that our Neuroscience majors take NSCI 175 either 2nd-semester Freshman year or 1st-semester Sophomore year. Even students who take NSCI 175 2nd-semester Sophomore year are not behind. This is an interdisciplinary major, so your CHEM, BIOL, PHYS, MATH, COMP, STOR, and other classes are just as important as NSCI 175. NSCI 175 is not a “gateway” course for the major and is not required to start your major courses. You need to start your CHEM sequence first – it is the most important sequence of courses to start as a Neuroscience major once at UNC!

You can join the Neuroscience Club and/or meet with Psychology and Neuroscience departmental advisors to chat about Neuroscience if you’re really eager to get involved in Neuroscience on the campus as soon as you get here.

Neuroscience Minors: Most Neuroscience minors take NSCI 175 during their Junior or Senior year, as most students declare their minors in Junior or Senior year. If you have declared your Neuroscience minor, please do not get discouraged if you cannot take NSCI 175 as a Freshman or Sophomore; NSCI 175 is not a pre-requisite for many minor courses and you absolutely do not need to take it first! It is not a “gateway” course.

Courses and Example Syllabi

All departmental courses with course descriptions are listed in the current Undergraduate Bulletin. Below are some of the undergraduate courses we offer, with example syllabi in PDFs.