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Mission, Vision and Current Charge



The Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee in the UNC-CH Department of Psychology and Neuroscience will work to make our department more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just for staff, trainees, and faculty. In addition, we will work to help educators, clinicians, and researchers to use principles of diversity, equity, inclusivity, and justice when they interface with our community in and out of UNC. We will do this in a way which focuses on sustainability of our efforts and accountability to our vision.

We envision a world in which diversity is celebrated and integrated into the fabric of every academic institution. We believe this ideal will materialize when diversity is seen in thought, experience, and identity across students, faculty, and staff; and when academic settings express, respect, and honor diverse viewpoints in classroom curricula and research endeavors. Our Department’s initiatives to advance this ideal will maximize growth and lead to a more vibrant community that is better equipped to understand, support, and improve human psychology.


We aspire to be national leaders in diversity initiatives and recognize that there is much work to be done. Our work will be iterative and ongoing and our approach informed by humility. Current departmental priorities are to:

  1. Create a Department/field of Psychology and Neuroscience that is representative of the U.S. across all levels of the Departments, from undergraduate RAs to distinguished professors.
  2. Enhance the climate in the Department and facilitate opportunities for scholars from historically excluded groups so that folks are thriving, are proud to call UNC Psych & Neuro “home”, and want to remain here.
  3. Revise policies and procedures in the Department with an eye toward enhancing equity to create a restructured department that does not perpetuate systemic inequalities and allows all to live up to their full potential.