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Diversity Subcommittees

The Diversity Committee is currently comprised of the following five subcommittees: Recruitment & Retention, Undergraduate Program, Curriculum & Classroom, Climate, and Communications & Events. Dr. Shauna Cooper directs the Diversity Committee and subcommittees. Learn more about the subcommittees’ objectives and meet the members below.

Recruitment & Retention

Objective: Increase representation of diverse faculty, students, and staff

Members: Jennifer Arnold, Donte Bernard, Shauna Cooper, Adam Miller, Mitch Prinstein, and Paschal Sheeran

  • Target of Opportunity: identify outstanding racial/ethnic minority scholars to invite them to visit with an eye toward possible hires
  • Plans for expanding the existing Diversifying Psychology Weekend to all program areas
  • Diversity Enhancement Research Awards: seek nominations for and select graduate students for these awards
  • Organizing diversity brunches for admissions weekend for individuals who identify as racial/ethnic minorities and those who identify as LGBTQ or active allies

Undergraduate Program

Objective: Foster a multicultural, inclusive climate that values the diversity of our undergraduates and their experiences

Members: Donte Bernard, Tiyobi Maereg, Adam Miller, Keely Muscatell, Mia Powell, Ariana Rivens, and Viji Sathy

  • Social events to allow undergraduates to talk informally with their teachers (professors, graduate students) at the end of each semester as a break from finals
  • Diversity Enhancement Research Awards: seek nominations for and select undergraduate students for these awards
  • Reznick Diversity and Psychological Research Grant: seek nominations for and select an undergraduate for this grant based on their accomplishments, potential, and research proposal
  • Minority Psychology Student Association: plans to revive and promote this student group
  • Plan to host a movie night for undergraduates that will involve a diversity-themed movie and a panel of graduate students/faculty as discussion moderators

Curriculum & Classroom

Objective: Develop curricula that reflect diversity and promote ways of producing an inclusive classroom environment

Members: Patrick Harrison, Joseph Leshin, Viji Sathy, and Charlie Wiss

  • Developing an online toolbox with resources for instructors to create a more diverse and inclusive curriculum and classroom experience
  • Plan to examine existing course descriptions to ensure that if a course includes diversity content, that it is included in these descriptions


Objective: Increase diversity visibility in communication and events

Members: Sylvia Fitting, Patrick Harrison, Keely Muscatell, Paschal Sheeran, and Charlie Wiss

  • Improve the departmental climate
  • Focus groups with psychology majors identifying as Black, Latinx, Asian/Asian American, or LGBTQ as efforts to understand how the Department can improve climate for these groups
  • Exploring ways to make the physical space in Davie more welcoming and reflective of diversity

Communications & Events

Objectives: Increase representation of diverse faculty, students, and staff

Members: Jennifer Arnold, Shauna Cooper, Sylvia Fitting, Joseph Leshin, and Mitch Prinstein

  • Develop the Diversity Committee’s mission and vision statements and logo
  • Develop a Diversity section on the Department’s website, communicating activities of the Diversity Committee and diversity-related materials
  • Exploring possible speaker series of minority scholars who may be future faculty recruits
  • Planning an annual symposium on diversity topics

Thanks to Andrés Lin-Shiu who designed the UNC Diversity Committee Logo. “Brain” icon used in the Logo is by Optimus Prime from