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Dave Roberts, a graduate student in Clinical Psychology, is the recipient of the 2007 Graduate Education Advancement Board Impact Award.

The Impact Award recognizes graduate students and recent graduate alumni whose research directly contributes to the educational, economic, physical, or social well-being of North Carolina citizens. The Graduate School shares Impact Award research with legislators, policy leaders, and members of North Carolina communities. Awardees may serve as student ambassadors, discussing their work with citizens and community groups.

Dave won for his research, “Improving Social Functioning in Schizophrenia Patients.” Dave developed Social Cognition and Interaction Training with his faculty mentor, Dr. David Penn. This training is a group psychotherapy designed to improve social functioning in schizophrenia through improved social cognition: the ability to infer the memtal states, emotions, and intentions of others. Techniques include specially-produced video vignettes, betting games, and guessing names and are designed to be dynamic and engaging. His group psychotherapy treatment may improve outcomes in this illness, save state dollars, and meet the expressed needs of North Carolinians with schizophrenia.

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