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The Carolina Center for Public Service will honor 248 graduating seniors as Buckley Public Service Scholars at a special ceremony on May 9, 2014.

Launched in 2003, the Buckley Public Service Scholars program encourages students to learn about and practice public service and engagement beyond the scope of traditional volunteerism, including organizational service, policy and advocacy work, fundraising and philanthropy. To gain designation as a Buckley Public Service Scholar, participating students must have a minimum grade-point average and build a portfolio that includes documentation of an orientation and four skills-training workshops, a minimum of 300 hours of service, one service-learning course and a final reflection product. Most of the 2014 graduates exceeded those requirements, on average completing more than 460 hours of service.

38 Psychology majors are 2014 Buckley Public Service Scholars. Congratulations to Amelia Ahern, Ann Atienza, Priya Balagopal, Sarah Barger, Gabriel Baylor, Mary Bitler, Hannah Burris, Caroline Conner, Christopher Cunningham, Anne Holmes, Adriana Iturbide Rodrigquez, Suzanne Jasmine, Jessica Jenkins, Katherine Johnston, Niaisha Johnston, Joseph Konstanzer, Alexis Leca, Ceewin Louder, Ellen Mcknight, Anneke Oppewal, Lisa Owusu-Antwiwaah, Emily Pelehach, Caroline Porter, Tyson Presnell, Kiaira Reed, Ashley Roy, Sharessa Roster, Zainab Shams, Britt Sikora, Katherine Simkins, Kelsey Smith, Camille Sowder, Simone Trotman, Cheyenne Turner, Priscilla Tutu, Carlisle Uhlman, Caitlin Wood, and Lindsay Wright!

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