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Congratulations to 7 of our Psychology and Neuroscience faculty members who are our 2019 recipients of the Stephenson and Lindquist Awards. The Stephenson and Lindquist Award is a departmental funding award and its purpose is to support the research activities of our faculty.

Drs. Shauna Cooper & Eva Telzer were awarded funds to purchase a video communication system for the Developmental area’s shared lab space (Dave 234). The addition of the videoconferencing system will help enhance several aspects of the research process (e.g., recruitment; survey/assessment of study participants; lab management) and further research productivity.

Drs. Rachel Penton, Sabrina Robertson, Marsha Penner, and Kelly Giovanello were awarded funds toward purchasing electrophysiology equipment for the proposed research and lab based neuroscience methods course. Offering hands-on lab experience, in a research-like setting, is imperative to the development of a nationally competitive undergraduate neuroscience program.

Dr. Kate Reissner and her colleagues in Behavioral and Integrative Neuroscience were awarded funds toward the generation of novel cellular markers of calcium signaling in astrocytes. By generating and using this novel tool, Dr. Reissner’s group can image responses of nucleus accumbens astrocytes to cocaine using the shared department confocal microscope and share it both locally and broadly with the neuroscience community.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the Stephenson and Lindquist Awards!

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