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Please join us for the 8th annual Ann Rankin Cowan Lecture, which will be presented by Dr. Oriel FeldmanHall, Alfred Manning Associate Professor of Cognitive, Linguistics, and Psychological Sciences at Brown University. Her talk is titled, “Navigating Our Uncertain Social Worlds.” Dr. FeldmanHall is a leading expert on the neural basis of human social behavior, with a focus on morality, altruism, and socio-emotional decision-making. This event will take place on Thursday, October 5th at 3:30pm in the Carolina Union Auditorium. The lecture is typically a TED-style talk, with some data used largely to engage a broad audience. The lecture will be followed by a reception.


The lecture counts as a Campus Life Experience ( We’ll have a QR code at the lecture that you can use to get credit for attendance.

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