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We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Kristen Lindquist, a distinguished Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, has been named the new President of the Society for Affective Science. Dr. Lindquist brings to the position an extensive background in understanding the psychological and neural basis of emotions, moods, and feelings.

About Dr. Kristen Lindquist

Dr. Lindquist’s research is at the forefront of affective science, employing interdisciplinary tools from social cognition, physiology, neuroscience, and big data analytics to explore how emotions arise from the interplay of the body, brain, and cultural influences. Her commitment to advancing the field is evident through her innovative work which aims to shed light on the complex mechanisms of emotional processes.

The Society for Affective Science

The Society for Affective Science is a non-profit organization committed to promoting high-quality research across diverse disciplines such as psychology, medicine, neuroscience, computer science, law, economics, anthropology, linguistics, and more. The society emphasizes inclusivity and interdisciplinary collaboration, welcoming differing theoretical perspectives and methodologies.

We are excited to see the growth and new initiatives Dr. Lindquist will bring to her role as President. Her expertise and vision are set to propel the Society for Affective Science to new heights, enhancing our understanding of affective phenomena and enriching the scientific community across the globe.

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