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  • Books, articles & other media

In the Spring of 2021, our department held informal book groups to educate ourselves on anti-racism. We read and discussed the following books:

So You Want to Talk About Race – by Ijeoma Oluo

Full text available online at UNC Library

Streaming audio available at UNC Library

How To Be an Anti-Racist – by Ibram Kendi

Full text available online at UNC Library

Streaming audio available at UNC Library

List of books on anti-racism recommended by Ibram Kendi

The University Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s list of anti-racism resources
Comprehensive resource list including articles, books, videos, podcasts, and more for individual and family education (originally compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker & Alyssa Klein (May 2020) and updated by The University Office for Diversity and Inclusion)

  • Online resources

Glossary for Understanding the Dismantling Structural Racism/Promoting Racial Equity Analysis
A short glossary of terms for understanding structural racism and promoting racial equity

Anti-racism for beginners
A starting point for answering specific questions, leaders to learn from, actions to take, and additional resources. (currently under the leadership of Dr. Tiffany Bowden)

Talking about Race: from the National Museum of African American History & Culture
Very accessible interactive website for exploring questions and resources as an individual, an educator, or a parent.

Academics for Black Survival and Wellness
A site run by Counseling Psychologists offering training for anti-racism allies and wellness tools for Black academics.

Anti-racism Daily Newsletter
Daily or weekly newsletter designed to view current events through an anti-racist lens.

Anti-racism Daily Slack Add-On
Can be added to any group Slack channel to foster anti-racism.

  • Trainings

UNC Campus-wide trainings
Trainings open to the entire UNC community, offering insight into how best to support and better understand one another, including Green Zone, Safe Zone, Haven and more.

UNC The University Office of Diversity & Inclusion – for faculty & staff
Seminars offered for faculty and staff at UNC-CH

UNC Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Compliance programs & trainings

Coursera TeachOut Foundations of Diversity & Inclusion

  • Additional Resources

UNC The University Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Additional resources and support

Mental Health Resources
A comprehensive list of local and national general, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ mental health resources