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Diversity & Equity Leadership Subcommittees

The Diversity and Equity Leadership Committee in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience is composed of eight subcommittees, each composed of faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and staff. Two faculty members co-chair each subcommittee. Learn more about the subcommittees’ objectives and meet the Co-Chairs below.

Faculty Recruitment & Retention

Arnold, Jennifer
Co-Chair | Professor
337B Davie Hall
(919) 843-5737

Bauer, Daniel
Co-Chair | Professor
362A Davie Hall
(919) 962-4020


  • Recruit additional BIPOC scholars to serve on the P&N faculty
  • Identify ways to help retain BIPOC faculty for the long term, including increased support of all faculty, equalization of service expectations, and recognition of a broader set of successes

Graduate Student Recruitment

Boettiger, Charlotte
Co-Chair | Professor
304B Davie Hall
(919) 962-2119

Hussong, Andrea
Co-Chair | Professor
262 Davie Hall
(919) 962-6593


  • Develop and implement strategies to increase inclusion and enhance recruitment
  • Identify key areas related to graduate retention and inclusion and develop actionable steps

Pathways to Graduate School

Cohen, Jessica
Co-Chair | Assistant Professor
335A Davie Hall
(919) 843-2664

Fredrickson, Barbara
Co-Chair | Kenan Distinguished Professor
309 Davie Hall
(919) 843-0091


  • Cultivate pathways for prospective graduate students from underrepresented groups
  • Become increasingly proactive in recruiting trainees of color and connect underrepresented students at all levels to our field, doctoral programs, and labs

Climate and Inclusion

Bardone-Cone, Anna
Co-Chair | Bowman & Gordon Gray Distinguished Term Professor
268 Davie Hall
(919) 962-5989

Telzer, Eva
Co-Chair | Associate Professor
218 Davie Hall
(919) 962-6758


  • Enhance diversity in our program and departmental speaker series
  • Work toward a more equitable and supportive environment with a focus on climate and support and networking opportunities for BIPOC trainees

Education and Training

Lindquist, Kristen
Co-Chair | Associate Professor
321 Davie Hall
(919) 843-6260

Sheeran, Paschal
Co-Chair | Professor
323 Davie Hall
(919) 962-4872


  • Provide educational opportunities and resources that allow faculty, students, and staff to engage in the evidence-based practices that increase diversity, equity and inclusiveness in the workplace and in teaching, research, and mentoring practices

Communication and Transparency

Gray, Kurt
Co-Chair | Associate Professor
327 Davie Hall
(919) 843-5426

Sheridan, Margaret
Co-Chair | Associate Professor
248 Davie Hall
(919) 843-3182


  • Increase graduate student representation within faculty committees and meetings
  • Enhance communication on department diversity goals and initiatives


Mulligan, Neil
Co-Chair | Professor
341B Davie Hall
(919) 962-5038

Harrison, Patrick
Co-Chair | Teaching Assistant Professor
241 Davie Hall
(919) 843-7000


  • Create a database of anti-racism resources available to all course instructors
  • Develop and curate additional instructional resources to encourage course instructors to integrate DEI-related topics in all department courses


Algoe, Sara
Co-Chair | Associate Professor
324 Davie Hall
(919) 962-2538

Gordon, Peter
Co-Chair | Professor
361 Davie Hall
(919) 962-2440


  • Work with all subcommittees to collectively set commitments toward diversity, equity, and inclusion using goals that are specific, measurable, and attainable
  • Ensure the subcommittees are not duplicating efforts and important DEI initiatives have not slipped through the cracks