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NC TraCs Institute – Recruitment and Retention
UNC resources for recruitment and retention of diverse samples

NC TraCs Institute – Community Engagement
UNC resources for community engagement

Researcher Checklist
Checklist for incorporating thinking about DEI into research pipeline

List of Psychology Papers with BIPOC Authors
Google document with recent scientific articles with BIPOC authors

SPSP Webinar: Creating and Maintaining Diverse and Inclusive Spaces
Webinar on how to make your research and/or teaching space more diverse and inclusive

Brief Conversations about Intergroup Relations
A series of 20 chats between Jordan Axt and an expert discussing conceptual, methodological, and theoretical issues in intergroup relations research

  • Articles

Editorial: A Call to Action for an Antiracist Clinical Science (Section 4)
Galán, C. A., Bekele, B., Boness, C., Bowdring, M., Call, C., Hails, K., McPhee, J., Hawkins-Mendes, S., Moses, J., Northrup, J., Rupert, P., Savell, S., Sequeira, S., Tervo-Clemmens, B., Tung, I., Vanwoerden, S., Womack, S., & Yilmaz, B. (2021). A call to action for an antiracist clinical science. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, 50(1), 12-57.

The Meaning of Race in Psychology and How to Change It: A Methodological Perspective
Helms, J. E., Jernigan, M., & Mascher, J. (2005). The meaning of race in psychology and how to change it: A methodological perspective. American Psychologist, 60(1), 27.

Cultural Psychology, Diversity, and Representation in Open Science
Syed, M., & Kathawalla, U. K. (2020). Cultural psychology, diversity, and representation in open science.

How Administrative Data Collection and Analysis Can Better Reflect Racial and Ethnic Identities
Viano, S., & Baker, D. J. (2020). How Administrative Data Collection and Analysis Can Better Reflect Racial and Ethnic Identities. Review of Research in Education, 44(1), 301-331.