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APA Race, Culture and Identity Continue Education Programs
Programs about handling race, culture and identity differences, considerations, etc. in therapy

Addressing Cultural Complexities in Practice: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Therapy
Book on cultural considerations that therapists typically encounter

CBT Outside the Box: Tips and Tools for Multicultural Practice
Workshop to help one practice cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) in culturally responsive ways

The Effects of Racism on Mental Health: How to Cope
Webinar on the negative impact of racism on mental health symptoms for people of color

Clinical JEDI/DEI Group

  • Articles

Editorial: A Call to Action for an Antiracist Clinical Science (Section 2)
Galán, C. A., Bekele, B., Boness, C., Bowdring, M., Call, C., Hails, K., McPhee, J., Hawkins-Mendes, S., Moses, J., Northrup, J., Rupert, P., Savell, S., Sequeira, S., Tervo-Clemmens, B., Tung, I., Vanwoerden, S., Womack, S., & Yilmaz, B. (2021). A call to action for an antiracist clinical science. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, 50(1), 12-57.