Featured Research & Teaching


Dr. Carol Cheatham: Nutrition Throughout the Lifespan
Dr. Carol Cheatham’s research focuses on effects of nutrition on brain development and function throughout the lifespan. In her work, she is exploring the importance of certain nutrients and foods to the development, maintenance, and lifelong integrity of the hippocampus and frontal brain areas. Dr. Cheatham’s Nutrition and Cognition lab has active studies in four age groups to discover why nutrition is important at any age.

Dr. Katie Gates: Heterogeneity in Temporal Processes
Emerging evidence suggests that much heterogeneity exists in temporal processes across individuals. This has been seen in daily diary studies as well as brain imaging studies, and within clinical populations as well as typically developing controls. Motivated by these findings, Dr. Katie Gates and her research team develop, evaluate, and utilize novel statistical methods for modeling heterogeneity in human processes. Their work culminates in freely disseminated statistical packages and toolboxes that are used worldwide.

Dr. Kurt Gray: The Mind Club
No issues are debated more fiercely that issues of morality. At root of many debates is an innocuous-seeming question: what has a mind? It may seem obvious to you that other people have minds, but what about animals, or fetuses, or teenagers? Do they belong in the “mind club,” that collection of entities that can think and feel? Dr. Kurt Gray examines how people decide who belongs in the mind club—and how these decisions can be matters of life and death.

Dr. Mark Hollins: The World of Perception in Animals
A Fall 2015 first-year seminar brings undergraduates into a world beyond human experience – the world of perception in animals. Dr. Mark Hollins teaches The Senses of Animals (PSYC 67), where students learn how our five senses are heightened in many animals and how some animals possess sensory abilities that we lack entirely. Students meet experts in the community from the Museum of Life and Science, Duke Lemur Center, the NC Botanical Garden, and more.